New Wine Meetings

Sunday Service


5:00 pm (Meal Provided)
Join us every Sunday at 5 pm for an enlightening, challenging, and generally wholesome experience! Led by Pastor Chris Ferguson, the Sunday Sermon follows a series that Pastor Chris selects in January, and that will continue throughout the year. Deftly weaving scripture, life, culture and more together, it is a time you will not want to miss.



Monday and Fridays 7:30pm
Every Monday and Friday we host a 12 Step support group for those struggling with various life controlling problems. This is ministry is vital to one of our core values “Love God/People” we believe that God has called us to reach out, support and be involved in the recovery of those in bondage—Restore is one of our ways of doing this, because it is a place to deal with issues that cause bondage, receive support and find freedom.



Cohorts is a time to come together socially and spiritually. Meeting Wednesdays at 7PM, there is a social hour to decompress and enjoy the bond of spirituality, followed by a unique take on the Sunday sermon, asking questions that provoke interesting conversations and differing viewpoints. There are 3 different locations across town, so that you might find one that suits you best. Don’t miss out!

Mens Bible Study

A coffee cup sitting on a table with a notebook in the background.

Fridays 6:30am
End your week bright and early with the New Wine Men’s Bible Study at 6:30am on Fridays at Cafe Smitten. An hour (give or take) of discussion regarding the Bible, as well as other challenging and deep topics that branch off the scripture readings of the day. Get your weekend off to a good start by joining the talk.

Restoration Wednesday


For the last 8 years on the last Wednesday of every month we convene at 1622 Union Ave. 93301 (Residence Hotel) to bring food, clothes and love to the folks who live at this hotel, many who are children and do not eat regular meals, have access to sufficient resources to live or any real care from concerned people. We do this because we believe that as followers of Christ we have a responsibility to the poor, immigrant, outsider, stranger, widow and those who suffer oppression.